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Ground Chocolate

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Ingredients: Ground sesame and chocolate

Ground chocolate is a ground sesame paste that is excellent for gaining the energy needed for the day. This product consists of ground sesame and chocolate, and its main ingredient is sesame.



Ground Chocolate

Ground or scorched and milled sesame is a food by itself, especially breakfast. Ground sesame lacks any impermissible additives and is 100% natural. Its main ingredient is sesame, which is a rich source of protein, zinc, calcium, and iron.

Its main feature is its energy, which makes it great for winter when the body requires more energy for keeping itself warm.

Ground sesame can be used with or without bread by adding sweets such as honey, syrup, grape, or jam.

It is naturally warm and is an ointment for getting rid of humidity and cold.

Chocolate ground sesame is a delicious and popular sesame product. The mixed taste of chocolate or cocoa with ground sesame has made ground chocolate sesame a popular product


Soren Tejarat Royan has produced and offered the traditional products of Ardakan under the “Chapati” trademark. These products are based on oilseeds such as sesame and include products like sesame oil and ground, ground paste, ground chocolate, sesame cream, and others


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