Introducing Soren Tejarat Royan

The Soren Tejarat Royan group began operations while utilizing many years of experience and cooperation with food experts, traders and producers.

This group first produced and offered the traditional products of Ardakan to the market under the Chapati brand name, which were based on sesame oilseeds and included products such as sesame oil and ground sesame, ground chocolate, sesame cream, and others.

Next, Soren Tejarat Royan offered dried fruits and dates under the Almas-e-Zarrin trademark, and produced and offered saffron syrup under the Lancer trademark.

All the staff at this large company work hard to present a unique experience to their customers.

Since Soren Tejarat Royan’s priority is to use the industry’s latest technology and raw materials as well as pay special attention to its workforce, its products have excellent taste and magnificent and interesting design.

This group’s product variety and quality have made it incredibly popular among customers.

This incredible quality is achieved by using very high quality and excellent raw materials, which has satisfied domestic customers and welcomed overseas.

An important mission of this group is to produce worthy products with excellent quality. Customer satisfaction is our main incentive and motivation to continue along the path of artistry.

The wide range of domestic and foreign customers is indicative of Soren Tejarat Royan’s positive and progressive performance, and the satisfaction manifested in our customers is a testament to the quality of this group’s products.
درباره سورن تجارت رویان

Why Choose Us?



Producing and offering Ardakan’s traditional products based on sesame oilseeds, including sesame oil, ground sesame and paste, ground chocolate, sesame cream, and others.



Producing and offering saffron syrup using the best and most exquisite Khorasan saffron under the lancer trademark.



Procuring dried fruits and dates from Iran’s best producers and gardeners and offering them in bulk with your special packaging and design…